Professional Horse Racing Tips

Here you will find professional horse racing tips from tipsters all over the UK. We invest a lot in providing you with valuable racing tips that can yield returns over time. We have tested all the tipsters on this page. Therefore, you can rely on our numbers.

Professional Horse Racing Tips

Below you will find tipsters or established platforms that offer professional horse racing tips. We have chosen to be restrictive, as we are happy to test tipsters for a while before reporting them here. Besides, the list you find below is our portfolio, which means that it is tipsters that we follow – to make a profit.

Professional Racing Tips from platforms
Free service
Return of investment: 23,43%
Strike rate: 32,12%
App & Email

Professional horse racing tips from a tipster platform.
4.8 rating
Betting Gods
Free service
Return of investment: 18,53%
Strike rate: 27,55%
App & Email

Professional horse racing tips from a tipster platform.
4.0 rating

Racing tips

Of course, it should be fun to bet on sports, not least when it comes to horse racing. But how do you make it enjoyable? By using racing tips, of course. Hopefully, you use useful racing tips.

For, there are many bluffs out there. Unfortunately, there are countless examples of tipsters claiming to be professional. When, in fact, it is directly detrimental to your finances. Therefore, I am cautious about testing tipsters who pretend to be professional.

Best Horse Racing Tipsters

Which leads us to who is the best horse racing tipster? It’s a difficult question to answer. Then much in horse racing is about form. But it is still possible to distinguish a person who, through several years, has offered racing tips of value.
It should be emphasized that it is difficult to find these tipsters. But when you find them, you should hold them tight.

Professional Racing Tips from Tipsters
Bet Alchemist
Paid service
£1 Trial

Return of investment: 22,33%
Strike rate: 25,51%
App & Email

Professional horse racing tips from a tipster.
5.0 rating
Quentin Franks Racing
Paid service
£2 Trial

Return of investment: 18,43%
Strike rate: 22,12%
App & Email

Professional horse racing tips from a tipster.
4.8 rating
So what exactly determines the best horse racing tipster? I would say two things.
  • Return of investment
  • History

With the return of investment, meant, of course, profit. After all, it is the most important of all. Without profit, you can’t do much. Without a profit, there is no point in following a tipster. Think about it!

Therefore, of course, this is the most crucial factor in determining the best horse racing tipsters. At the same time, that is the most critical factor; anyone can have return on investment.

Even a non-specialist can have a good month, with over 50% return of investment.

Does that mean this person is a good horse racing tipster? No, not necessarily. Instead, it is history and just the return of investment that determines whether a person is a good or bad horse racing tipster.

We are proud to present only two people on our list of the best horse racing tipsters. These people, or tipsters, are the most professional tipsters we have out there. And their horse racing tips are from another planet. These simply cannot be compared to others.


picture of a clock

The most important thing is to identify tipsters who have years of experience in finding professional horse racing tips. We’ve been into it before. Anyone can deliver a good return over a few months. It’s unimportant. The most important thing is to be able to maintain this.

But how do you do that?

By following a tipster in the distance, of course. So you should not pay for any subscription until the chosen tipster has at least 1-year history. Somewhere you start to see if he knows what he is doing or not.

Free Horse Racing Tips

Many out there are looking for free horse racing tips. But is there any value in that? Both yes and no. Actually, racing tips are not affected by whether they are free or not. However, free tips from big websites usually tend to be very popular.

Which leads to the odds being destroyed.

This is something to beware of, as it is directly harmful to your betting bank. If you now only want to use free racing tips, you should use different apps or email notifications that allow you to place your bet immediately after publication.

So it’s about being fast.

If you can maintain this, that is, get the right odds for various horse racing tips – you can find value in free horse racing tips. Also, there are a lot of free services without significantly affecting the odds.

It is, therefore, a matter of finding an excellent service, quite simply whether it is free or paid.

The truth is that even paid tipsters will be able to destroy the odds. Paying for your racing tips does not mean that the odds are not affected. Sometimes, it can be the exact opposite.

Life as a punter can, therefore, be stressed if you copy professional horse racing tips. Consequently, one should be aware that following various racing tips from professional tipsters can be stressful. This might happen if you choose a popular tipster, like Bet Alchemist.

You should affirm it and simply accept it. Usually, you have a few minutes to lay your bets. But it can be difficult if you have other duties, such as jobs or the like.

However, most professional tipsters tend to send out their racing tips at the same time every day. This is very positive. Because then you can learn the pattern. And you have more opportunity to jump at the right odds.

Professional tips

What determines whether racing tips are professional or not? There are currently a couple of different definitions that people use. Expert horse racing tips can simply mean that they are betting tips from a paid tipster.

Free & Paid Racing Tips
Bet Alchemist
Bet Alchemist
Quentin Franks Racing
Quentin Franks Racing
Betting Gods A Quick Walk Through
Betting Gods A Quick Walk Through

Others think it is about how useful the tips are. That, there are professional horse racing tips that are free. I define expert horse racing tips as quality and racing tips that provide returns long term.

How to bet on racing?

First, you must have an account on a bookmaker. Which bookie you choose is up to you. But you should be aware that the odds can be very different on different bookmakers. Therefore, my tip is for you to register at several different betting companies.

If you do, you can compare the bookies and see which ones can offer the best odds.

Then, of course, you have to make a deposit. Sure, some bookmakers give out free bets, for example, but these still require a deposit. My tip is BetVictor, as I think they have the best odds.


The odds are significant if you are to use professional horse racing tips. After all, it is the odds that decide whether you make a profit or not. Keep in mind; if you continuously get slightly more reduced odds, you will lose lots of money long term.

Therefore, you should only use betting sites that offer excellent odds. At best, the most approving odds.

Getting a little better odds all the time will boost your income. And believe me, that’s the most important thing when it comes to horse racing.


The great thing about using tipsters when playing on horses is that you get access to professional horse racing tips without any direct effort. This is an explosive phenomenon. Not just in horse racing, but in several different sports.

Tipsters are new, simply. It’s trendy. But as we mentioned earlier, there are several tipsters to beware of. Personally, I stay away from tipsters with their own websites or tipsters on twitter.

Because you simply do not know if you can trust them. Instead, I prefer to choose tipsters from established platforms. We have already ranked some of these a little higher up. But it is mainly about Betting Gods and Tipstrr.


Tipstrr logo that provide professional horse racing tips

This is a platform that is well known among most punters who make use of horse racing tips to create an extra income. The great thing about this platform is that anyone can register as a tipster. Which means they have a vast selection.

Besides, you will find a page for all tipsters. You will find information about their profit and strike rate, which is incredibly useful if you are looking for professional horse racing tips. Here I see many candidates for my betting portfolio.

Betting Gods

betting gods logo

This platform works much like Tipstrr. The main difference is that they have a restrictive range of tipsters, which is because to create a tipster account at Betting Gods, you must first be approved. It can be a lengthy process. Above all, it is a matter of various tipsters having to send their betting tips to an admin at the platform. This goes on for a few months.

If the tipster has made a return, he can get an offer to publish his tips at Betting Gods.

This is the right approach, as you filter out lots of scams. Only tipsters who make a profit are therefore visible at Betting Gods.


Looking for the best horse racing tipsters or professional horse racing tips can take time. For me, it has taken several years. At the same time, you are probably never finished. There are simply no shortcuts. And sometimes, unfortunately, you happen to buy a subscription from a tipster who is dishonest.

That’s how it looks. But, with the tools I have presented here, I hope you can avoid some of the mistakes I made.

That’s why I wish you the best of luck!

How to find professional horse racing tips?

It can be difficult for beginners to know where to look. Therefore, my tip to you who is brand new in the horse racing market is to register on an established platform. From there, you can usually, in a comprehensive way, see different tipsters with associated professional horse racing tips.
We have chosen to list a couple of these established platforms.

Can you make money from horse racing?

Yes, you can. There are many people today who use horse racing tips a bit like stocks. They have a long-term mindset and have different tipsters in their portfolio. This is something I do myself, and have done for a very long time. However, it can take quite a while before you see a return. Sometimes, it can take up to six months. Therefore, one should be persistent and always have long-term thinking.

Is it safe to bet on horse racing?

Both yes and no, it’s all about the racing tips you use. If you build a portfolio of professional horse racing tips from established and recognized tipsters, you minimize the risk. But of course, there is always a risk of playing for money.

What to think about?

Above all, one should not choose horse racing tips at random. Instead, one should analyze the market for a while. And be very restrictive at first. There are plenty of horse racing tipsters out there, which means you have a lot to choose from.

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